“…growing up, basketball was my life.  It kept me off the streets, it kept me focused, it provided a purpose.  I want to offer an experience to these talented players to help motivate them on the court and off the court in the community.”
Baron Davis

Since Baron joined the NBA in 1999 his dream was to provide an opportunity to share with children his love of basketball.  We have successfully run many week long day camps and clinics in the greater Los Angeles area.  Our quality programs have provided us a great reputation with many families who are excited to return each year.

Baron Davis' personal message:

“I approach the game of basketball in the same manner that I approach the game of life. Just as I try to make every shot, every pass, and every dribble count; I try to make every moment of my life count as well. So I move through both with passion, focus, confidence, and determination. Trying to bask in the glory of my successes, while learning from my defeats. I'm familiar with being the underdog both on the court and off. Growing up was certainly not a bed of roses, but as I learned from one of my favorite poets, it is possible to beat the odds...for roses to grow through concrete. My past gave me character. It taught me many of life's lessons that I use on the court today. To take risks and avoid shortcuts. To surround yourself with a good team, for no man is an island unto himself. Yes, it's great to be a champion on the court, but it's even better to be a champion in your own life. I encourage you to always LIVE WITH INTENTION, PLAY WITH HEART, and WALK WITH SWAGGER.”